About Us

Crystal Pharmatech is the first technology-driven, China-based CRO which focuses on the specialized field of materials science applied to drug development.

Crystal Pharmatech guides clients in discovering and selecting the optimal solid phase for development. We support all solid-state aspects of preformulation studies, API process development, formulation develop, regulatory, and intellectual property protection. Crystal Pharmatech offers a full range of services from being the solid-state support arm for our clients to consultation on a specific issue. We not only provide data, we partner with our clients to ensure comprehensive solutions to the solid-state research needs.

We are a global organization with laboratories currently in Suzhou, China, and a business development center in New Jersey, USA. Our laboratories are equipped with a wide range of share-of-the-art solid-state characterization instruments. Our research team consists of 20% Ph.D., 50% M.S. and 30% B.S.. Our researchers have more than 80 years of combined experience with solid-state issues at major innovator companies including Merck, Roche and BMS. Our team has managed and supported polymorph screening, API phase selection, crystallization development and solid-state characterization for more than 200 new chemical entities NCEs). Our team members have also authored over 100 publications in top-tier journals and have registered over 50 polymorph patents.

Since founded in 2010, Crystal Pharmatech has built strong business relationships with over 60 global pharmaceutical companies. By providing high quality service with fast turnaround at cost-effective pricing, Crystal Pharmatech is becoming an ideal partner in the field of solid-state research for many pharmaceutical companies. As we continue to grow, Crystal Pharmatech will always keep the customers as our number one priority. We will also continue to be at the cutting-edge of innovation in the field of solid-state chemistry so that our customers can reap the benefits of an ever-evolving field.