Having any doubts about the risks associated with your API phase and/or formulation?  

Crystal Pharmatech is offering any company what we call our trademarked “MatSci Tune-up”.  

Simply sign a CDA with us and we will have one of our certified material science technicians review your project or specific issue, and provide a detailed summary with respect to API phase and formulation, outline any visible gaps or risks and propose solutions.  Why would we do this?  

Crystal Pharmatech has a combined over 80 years of pharmaceutical development experience.  We love what we do, we love reviewing data and helping pharmaceutical development companies produce robust processes with the right API form and formulation.  The more you are informed about material science related gaps and risks, the better it is for the speed and quality of drug development that ultimately has the patient as the bottom line.

What it is:

     -     Second Check on Form

     -     One-on-One Expert Advice

     -     Thorough Data Review

     -     Gap and Risk Identification

     -     Solutions Proposed

Our Areas of Expertise :

     -     Polymorphism

     -     Salt/Form selection

     -     PK or Toxicology formulation

     -     Crystallization

     -     Dispersions and Co-crystals