Stability in the pharmaceutical industry is a vast topic touching many development aspects.  Crystal Pharmatech focuses on three major aspects of stability; thermodynamic stability between solid forms, physical stability, and chemical stability,

Whether you are in solution or solid state, solid form can have a significant impact on chemical and physical stability.  The issue always becomes, how much work is necessary for each stage of development to ensure adequate stability while understanding the risks of your compound going forward.  Our model for assessing stability is incorporated into our SMART pharmaceutical development package.  Ensuring you have the right amount of data at the right time to ensure adequate stability, understand risks going forward and identifying the right form and formulation for each stage of development.

Our capabilities include all stability chambers and analytical techniques to support an IND filing and beyond.  So with Crystal Pharmatech, not only can you identify the appropriate API solid form, you can also assess all preclinical formulation activities including vehicle stability, photostability, excipient compatability, etc…  It is critical to understand the solid state properties when performing these investigations – without that component you are only getting half the story and twice the risk.