At Crystal Pharmatech, we have a great Scientific Advisory Board (link to SAB page) that we love to highlight. For the past few years, we have highlighted our Board in half-day symposia held in various cities.  The talks are free and followed by a networking session for all attendees. Examples of previous symposia are given below.  Stay tuned for information on our 2018 Symposium….

2017 Symposium  March 2017, San Francisco CA

Preclinical Development Thru the Eyes of Experts

          Joel Bernstein,  Ben Gurion University

                    Facts and Fictions of Polymorphism

          Elizabeth Vadas, InSciTech (link to talk: X)

                      Preclinical Formulation Development and the Impact of Solid Form

          Russel Outcalt, R. Outcalt Consulting, LLC (link to talk: X)

                      Managing Drug Substance Supply in a Development Program

          Nair Rodrigquez, University of Michigan (link to talk: X)

                      How Not to be Wrong About Cocrystals 

2016 Symposium  March 2016, Cambridge MA

Solid-State Strategies in Pharmaceutical Development

          Elizabeth Vadas, InSciTech

                    Sane Preclinical Development

          Lian Yu, University of Wisconsin-Madison

                    Stability of Amorphous Pharmaceuticals:  A Key Role for Surface Mobility

          Nair Rodrigquez, University of Michigan

                    How to Fine Tune Cocrystal Solubility

          Kevin Roberts, University of Leeds      

                    Computational approaches for API isolation