Leadership Team


Alex M. Chen

Co-founder, CEO

  • Pursued Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rutgers University

  • 8 years at Merck in R&D and manufacturing division

  • Supported physical characterization, API phase selection and evaluation of more than 50 compounds in all stages of development

  • Expert in solid-state characterization, polymorphism, co-crystal screening, chiral resolution, and nanoparticle engineering


Yanfeng Zhang

Co-founder, CSO

  • Pursued Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Princeton University

  • 5 years at Merck supporting more than 80 development projects in close collaboration with scientists in multiple disciplines

  • Expertise in solid-state research, salt/polymorph screen and selection, amorphous solid dispersion, thermodynamics and kinetics modeling


Robert Wenslow

Co-founder, VP B.D.–US & EU

  • Ph.D. in Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University

  • 14 years at Merck in drug R&D, manufacturing and management

  • Expertise in solid-state NMR, maintaining direct responsibilities of solid-state NMR facility at Merck

  • Established first analytical research group in Ireland for Merck


Rositza Petrova

Executive Director, Head of NJ Site

  • Ph.D. in Materials Science, Georgetown University (Studied chiral separation and crystallization in gels under Professor Jennifer Swift, Ph.D.)

  • Expert in API solid form screening/discovery, crystalline form selection, polymorphism and chiral separations by crystallization

  • 15 years working experience in Merck with various leadership position including Leader of API Development Support Group - Center for Materials Science and Engineering in Merck Manufacturing Division, and Analytical Project Leader - Merck Animal Health