Solid Form Screening and Selection

We know that the needs in early development are different from the needs in late development and we tailor our screening approach based on information from the client and our experience with a wide range of compounds. At Crystal Pharmatech, we utilize a unique screening approach that combines all of our experiences with direct input from our esteemed scientific advisory board.  The screenings are performed in a tiered approach with information from each tier guiding the next tier.  

We feel this approach is our competitive advantage as it offers maximum form screening space with limited material and turnaround time.

1. Polymorph/Salt/Cocrystal Screening

   • Improving physical properties such as stability, hygroscopicity, and melting point 

   • Increasing bioavailability for weak acids and bases or neutral compounds

2. Amorphous Solid Dispersion Screening

   • Improving the absorption of poorly soluble drugs by developing dispersion formulations 

   • Identifying key risks, such as chemical and physical stability of resulting dispersions 

   • Evaluating dispersions in early and late phase formulations

3. Chiral Salt Screening for enantiomeric enrichment

   • Allowing enantiomeric enrichment by fractional crystallization finding the right salt formers.

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